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Please be aware that many camping grounds, campsites, campgrounds and camping locations Tasmania are located within National Parks, meaning that whilst campsites may not incurr costs, National Park entry fees apply.

Please also note that dogs are not allowed in national parks and most reserves. If travelling from mainland Australia, please also be aware that many food items are prohibited entry into Tasmania. In fact, Tasmania has very stringent quarantine regulations aimed at helping Tasmania remain disease free by ensuring that visitors don't entry Tasmania through air or sea ports carrying or importing restricted items.

The introduction of a pest or disease into a production area can result in expensive controls being implemented, loss of markets potentially costing Tasmania millions of dollars. For more information on what you can and can't bring into Tasmania, click on the following link - Tasmanian Quarantine Guide

Many Tasmanian campsites are located in areas prone to bushfire during warmer summer months. Local regulations for use of open fires should always be strickly adhered to and campfires should always be extinguished using a bucket of water.

Small amounts of glowing embers can start bushfires that spread quickly. Water cools the fire quicker; using sand or dirt only extinguishes the fire but doesn't cool down the burning embers.

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