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Camping With Dogs Tasmania

Most national parks across Australia and indeed the world, don’t allow dogs and other pets to be taken into them or conservation reserves. It should be noted, that dogs even in your car or on a lead are also not allowed into National Parks in Tasmania. Assistance dogs, or dogs that provide support for people with disabilities, are exempted and are allowed to accompany their handlers into national parks and reserves in Tasmania. If at all possible, it is a good idea to alert Tasmanian National Parks and Wildlife Service staff of the dog’s presence on entry to the Park.

Many campsites in Tasmania, particularly in forest reserves, allow you to bring your dogs however they are prohibited from entering Tasmania’s National Parks. Click here to search this site for campsites that allow dogs. For many people pets are part of the family, however, in many areas, Australian health regulations prohibit animals in many types of accommodation, with one clear exception being guide and hearing dogs. Most motels, hotels, and resorts do not welcome pets, and domestic pets are also banned from entering Australian national parks. Where campsites do allow dogs, always follow the rules below: Keep your dog under control at all times. Prevent your dog from making unreasonable noise; especially barking at night when people are trying to sleep. Do not allow your dog to annoy or endanger any person or wildlife. Remove and dispose of any faeces left by your dog. Prevent your dog from defecating in or near any freshwater supplies.

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Tasmania’s natural beauty is hard to match and there are few better ways to enjoy everything that Tasmania has to offer than by taking a camping holiday in your own car, a rental car, motorhome, campervan, or by using public transport.   Stunning coastal reserves and unspoilt beaches, mountains, crystal clear lakes, and rolling hills are available all across the island state of Australia, Tasmania or Tassie as it is often referred to by locals. The hardest part is deciding where to start, once you have travelled to Tasmania. Camping is a very popular family activity in Tasmania, with commercial caravan parks plentiful, affordable, and generally in good condition. Campsites are tent friendly with lots of space for you to pitch your tent on grass plots, a change from gravel options available in some countries. Most sites also offer self-contained cabins, on-site vans, caravans, or some other form of hard accommodation for varying degrees of luxury.  Standard facilities are usually supplied and Tasmanian tourism and travel operators are renowned for their friendliness and willingness to help. Camping is an affordable and fun way to truly experience Tasmania.
Throughout Tassie will find a whole range of different locations and experiences. Opportunities exist to stay in a wide range of accommodations ranging from sites to park motels. We wish you an enjoyable camping experience in Tasmania, the opportunity to meet great people within our parks, both guests and owners, and above all have a wonderful time. Tasmania is without question one of the best-suited destinations in Australia to go camping and explore in car rental Tasmania, campervan, motorhome, camper trailer, big rig, or caravan. Around 40% of Tasmania is protected for national parks and reserves and there are more than 50 caravan parks located across Tassie, including at major destinations including Cradle Mountain, Port Arthur, and the Freycinet National Park. Take care on days of Total Fire Bans in Tasmania – if camping in areas at risk of bushfire, carry a radio and stay tuned to local ABC radio. Before heading our camping, check the Fire Tasmania website for any fires in the area. During Winter camping in Tasmania can be challenging with extreme temperature shifts common in more elevated and remote regions – always be prepared when Camping in Tasmania.

10 Best Free Campgrounds Tasmania

OK, so narrowing down our top 10 Campgrounds in Tassie is no easy feat! In Tasmania, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to great free camping options – in this instance, we refer to free camping as being places you can camp at NO COST. For people who regularly go camping in Tasmania, it will come as no surprise that camping Bay of Fires features in our list, and indeed that 4 of the campgrounds are located on Tasmania’s sunny East Coast, or North East Tasmania. Lists of best camping are, of course, very subjective and will depend very much on what your interests are. These are our top 10 favourite free campgrounds in Tasmania, let us know yours.

The following are part of a growing list of private camping options in Tasmania –  they are continually growing in size and popularity.

  1. Kimberley Cottage Campground, Kimberley Tasmania – fully self-contained campers only
  2. Cherry Top Camping Lilydale Tasmania – tent camping, self-contained vans
  3. LAT 41 SOUTH – Retreat Upper Esk Tasmania –
  4. Colebrook Park Southern Tasmania – one hour from Hobart
  5. Ryelands Farm & Vineyard Camping – Derwent Valley
  6. Hilltop Farm Huntsman – Meander Valley Tasmania – fully self-contained camping only
  7. Semaphore Farm Tent Sites – Port Arthur Tasmania
  8. Shundahai Campsite – Ellendale Tasmania
  9. Farm Cradle Country Plateau – Cradle Valley Tasmania (4WD only)
  10. The Y – Tranquility – Badger’s Head Tasmania – campervans, motorhomes, camper trailers
  11. Detention River – Hellyer Beach Tasmania – tent camping, RVs etc,.
  12. River Campsite – Blackwood Glenford Farm Tasmania
  13. Three Tree Camp – Meander Valley Tasmania
  14. Knopwood Hill Bush Camping – Mornington Tasmania
  15. Ross Tasmania – fully self-contained camping only
  16. Fortrose Naturist Farm Stay – Close Launceston Tasmania, self-contained and non-powered sites
  17. Gewilebon Camping- Railton North West Coast Tasmania near Devonport, Latrobe, self-contained vehicles
  18. Kanyini Camp – Little Swanport East Coast Tasmania
  19. Hilltop Farm – Vets Corner, Meander Valley Tasmania
  20. Dale Brook Organics Campsite – Meander Valley, Western Creek Tasmania near Deloraine
  21. Huon Bush Retreats Tents Site, Huon Valley Tasmania
  22. Petcheys Bay Waterfront Campsite – Petchey’s Bay, Cygnet Southern Tasmania
  23. WilderNests Waratah Tasmania, not far to Cradle Mountain – tents, RVs, campervans
  24. Ravens Nest Tasmania – Wayatinah Central Highlands – Self-contained vehicles only
  25. Bomana – Bushland Campsites CLose Carlton River
  26. Arrownest North West Acres – Gunns Plains Tasmania
  27. SKEMPS Private Forest Reserve, close Myrtle Park Tasmania
  28. Crayfish Creek Rocky Cape Tasmania – non-powered sites
  29. Marleen Herbs Farm Campsites – Mt Roland, Cradle Mountain
  30. Rural Hilltop Mountain View Oasis – Lachlan Tasmania Dewent Valley
  31. Top Car Park – Dover Tasmania
  32. Yolla General Store Spot Wynyard, self-contained camping only
  33. Training centre Tiger Hill, Woodsdale Camping near Oatlands
  34. Mountview Mowbanna North West Tasmania
  35. Christmas Hills llama Retreat – close Deloraine Tasmania tents, vans & campers, trailers
  36. Pondering frog – Overnight RV Stay near Bicheno Tasmania

Tasmania has a growing number of options for people preferring to camp privately, that is to go camping on private properties across Tasmania. Private camping has many benefits. You are guaranteed a booking, you are not having to fight for a spot or put with unsociable, unruly behaviour. Generally, people who are offering private camping in Tasmania are the landowners, and therefore they have a big stake in making sure their property is not damaged, and neither is their reputation.

10 Best Dog Friendly Camping Tasmania

Many people love to take their dog camping with them, but this isn’t always possible for a variety of reasons. For example, dogs are not allowed in Tasmania’s National Parks so pooch will have to stay home if you plan on camping in one of Tasmania’s amazing National Parks. Similarly, many caravan parks don’t allow dogs for many reasons. Best Camping Tasmania. You should always confirm in advance that dogs are allowed at the campground you are planning to stay at, because if your pet is not permitted, it can cause significant challenges – please and also clarify any restrictions that may be in place such as dogs having to always be kept on a lead. Camping with your dog is a great way to see Tasmania and to spend time with your beloved dog – fortunately, there’s plenty of great dog-friendly campsites in Tassie. Dog Friendly Camping Tasmania


Tasmania is surrounded by water and is the southern most state of Australia. This combines to give Tasmania a weather system unique from the rest of Australia, with Tasmania experiencing four distinctive seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. It has a temperate maritime climate making Tasmania cooler than mainland Australia with a weather pattern in many ways similar to the United Kingdom. If you are considering camping in Tasmania in Winter, or in the cooler weeks of Autumn or Spring, we recommend the following: Choose a sleeping bags rated to suits the conditions. Whether you are going to be camping in average winter temperatures or in the mountains surrounded by snow, its a good idea to have one that can accommodate extra clothing. Use a tent that is suitable – this is vital for camping in Tasmania in cooler months. Choose one that is stronger and well constructed for these temperatures and conditions. The tent material, guy ropes, and poles must be extra strong and able to withstand extreme windy conditions; especially on Tassie’ wild west cost in campsites for example at Trial Harbour Camping, Macquarie Heads Camping or in fact, any site that is high in the mountains or exposed to Your clothing must be suited to the conditions, remembering that day time temperatures can change considerably to those at night. Depending on what conditions you are camping in, thermal clothing is an option in extreme conditions under your normal clothes. Waterproof boots, pants, and a waterproof jacket are always essential items to pack to keep warm and dry. Pack enough food and water with a few extras just in case, and a lighter or matches for the campfire. In many areas, especially during summer, open fires are strictly prohibited meaning you will need to carry a fuel stove.

Always be prepared when camping in Tasmania – irrespective of what time of the year it is. Weather conditions can change quickly. Geographically Tasmania also varies significantly from the rest of Australia. Tassie is a mountainous island with large areas of old-growth forests and volcanic lakes. Tasmania is a relatively small island measuring app. 350 kilometres in length, but has a variety of unusual terrain that are not common to the mainland. For example, you could be on Tasmania’s sunny East Coast one minute enjoying golden sun-drenched beaches, and within 1-2 hours drive be high in the mountains viewing spectacular old growth rainforests. There is a lot of debate over the best time to go camping in Tasmania. Some people argue that it is too cold to camp in Tasmania in Winter, but I disagree. It’s simply a matter of packing appropriately and for anyone who has camped in Tas in winter and woken to a fresh layer of snow on their tent and on the ground, they will tell you it is quite simply an amazing experience. Similarly, it can be very wet and wild in Tasmania in Winter meaning that some of the more exposed campsites will challenge your resolve and camping experience. My personal times to camp in Tasmania are late Summer through until the end of Autumn and from app. the middle of August through until late November. Camping in Tasmania is very popular with both locals and visitors alike. Try to avoid if possible – you will find popular sites such as Bay of Fires Camping and Camping Wineglass Bay very busy and crowded. However, if you visit during Autumn or late Spring and early Summer you will have a much more enjoyable and unique experience. Don’t be put off by camping in Tasmania during Winter – just be prepared for the conditions! But irrespective of when you go camping in Tasmania, take care preparing for your adventure and have a great time. Enjoy the uniqueness of being outdoors in the unique state of Tasmania, take plenty of photos as the scenery is always spectacular and very different from other parts of Australia. Click the following link for a comprehensive list of Caravans Parks Tasmania

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