Camping Lake Pedder
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Camping Lake Pedder

Lake Pedder is located Take a good sealed road 150 kilometres west of Hobart, and app. 90 km from Mt Field National Park to reach Lake Gordon and Lake Pedder. Lake Pedder is in Tasmania’s wild southwest wilderness and ringed with rugged mountain ranges that are simply spectacular. Both lakes are popular with fishermen with some of the best trout fishing in Tasmania found at Lake Pedder. Near Strathgordon is the famous Gordon Dam, the the site of one of the world’s highest commercial abseils, run by Aardvark Adventures. Lake Pedder and its companion Lake Gordon, together comprise the largest inland freshwater storage in Australia, covering more than 500 square kilometres and holding over 37 times the volume of water than Sydney Harbour. When travelling to the Lake Pedder area please take suitable clothing to suit the changeable weather conditions. Weather conditions in Tasmania can change quickly and frequently, especially in mountain areas. Snow, rain, wind and sun are all possible at any time of the year. Park passes must be purchased for entry to Tasmania’s national parks. There are three excellent campgrounds at Lake Pedder.


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