Camping Dogs Tasmania
camping dogs tasmania

Camping With Dogs Tasmania

Most national parks across Australia and indeed the world, don’t allow dogs and other pets to be taken into them or conservation reserves. It should be noted, that dogs even in your car or on a lead are also not allowed into National Parks in Tasmania. Assistance dogs, or dogs that provide support for people with disabilities, are exempted and are allowed to accompany their handlers into national parks and reserves in Tasmania. If at all possible, it is a good idea to alert Tasmanian National Parks and Wildlife Service staff of the dog’s presence on entry to the Park.

Many campsites in Tasmania, particularly in forest reserves, allow you to bring your dogs however they are prohibited from entering Tasmania’s National Parks. Click here to search this site for campsites that allow dogs. For many people pets are part of the family, however, in many areas, Australian health regulations prohibit animals in many types of accommodation, with one clear exception being guide and hearing dogs. Most motels, hotels, and resorts do not welcome pets, and domestic pets are also banned from entering Australian national parks. Where campsites do allow dogs, always follow the rules below: Keep your dog under control at all times. Prevent your dog from making unreasonable noise; especially barking at night when people are trying to sleep. Do not allow your dog to annoy or endanger any person or wildlife. Remove and dispose of any faeces left by your dog. Prevent your dog from defecating in or near any freshwater supplies.


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