Waterhouse Conservation Camping

Waterhouse Conservation Camping

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Waterhouse Conservation Camping

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There are some 11 different camping areas in the Waterhouse Conservation Area on the North-East Coast of Tasmania. The Waterhouse Conservation area is a 25-kilometre stretch of beach located app. 40 kilometres East of Bridport and accessible from the B82 via Blackmans Lagoon and Homestead Roads. Campsites are scattered among scrub next to sandy tracks in this beautiful, yet fairly remote part of Tasmania. Most campsites at Waterhouse are accessible using a standard vehicle, however, we recommend as a minimum a soft off-roader, all-wheel-drive vehicle as some of the gravel roads are rough and bumpy and can become tricky after prolonged wet or dry weather. A 4WD boat-launching site is nearby. You must carry your own firewood and fresh drinking water - dogs are OK but must be kept under control at all times. Many campsites are suitable for bigger rigs, including caravans, campervans, and camper trailers whilst others are suitable for tent-based camping only. The camping areas in the Waterhouse Conservation Area are Big Waterhouse Lake Camping area, Blackmans Lagoon camping area, Brads Camping Area, Casuarina Hill Camping Area, Herbies Landing Camping area, Mathers Camping Area, Ransons Beach campground, South Croppies Point Camping Area, Village Green campsite, Waterhouse Beach camping and Waterhouse Point camping area. There are strictly no motorbikes, off-road driving on beaches, horses or chainsaws permitted in Waterhouse Conservation Camping areas. Always camp in clearly designated areas only. To protect valuable vegetation at Waterhouse, the cutting of firewood and collection of wood is not permitted and fuel stoves are recommended. The Waterhouse Conservation contains many wetland communities, including three major permanent deep-water lagoons being: Blackmans Lagoon, Big Waterhouse, and Little Waterhouse Lakes. The Waterhouse Conservation Area is popular for summer camping and during Easter and school holidays. Many Tasmanians will return to the same spot year after year, with many establishing camps with other family members and spending many weeks in the same camping area each year. It is asked that noise is kept to a minimum and that generator use is restricted to only the most necessary activities. Campers are asked to report any illegal or unruly behaviour. Under no circumstances are campers allowed to camp inside any fenced campsites, make new campsites, block other campers or damage any vegetation.

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Waterhouse Conservation Area
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Tent, Campervan, Motorhome, Caravan, Camper Trailer, Roof Top Tent


Fishing - Saltwater, Boating, Birdwatching, Boat ramp


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Ransons Beach Camping Area - Waterhouse Cons Area, Homestead Road, Waterhouse, Dorset, Tasmania, Australia
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