Budget 12-night Camping Trip Tasmania
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Budget 12-Night Camping Holiday Tasmania

​The campgrounds at Black River are attractive, and have facilities basic – there are no powered sites. Black River campground has pit toilets and a hybrid toilet. Nearby Peggs Beach campground has flushing toilets. There is no safe drinking water at either location. Water from the campground tank should be boiled for at least three minutes or treated before drinking. Dogs on leads are OK – fishing for bream is popular at the Black RIver Campground.

  1. Low cost
  2. Basic facilities
  3. Lots of wildlife
  4. Suitable tents, caravans, campervans

Video Black River Campground


  1. Peggs Beach Campground
  2. Montagu Park Smithton Camping
  3. Caravan Park Stanley
  • Waterhouse Reserve (no bookings, no cost)

For fishermen (saltwater) or people who love camping close to the sea, this campground is perfect. And importantly, it can be less busy than a lot of other Tassie campgrounds (except Christmas, it is always packed). The Waterhouse Conservation area is a 25-kilometre length of beach located app. 40 kilometres East of Bridport and accessible from the B82 via Blackmans Lagoon and Homestead Roads. There are multiple camping options at Waterhouse Reserve, with not all perfectly suited to bigger caravans – the road into Waterhouse can be rough following bad weather and high traffic. You must camp in designated areas only. In order to protect valuable vegetation at Waterhouse, the cutting of firewood and collection of wood is not permitted and fuel stoves are recommended.

  • Free
  • Very basic facilities
  • Close to beach – great fishing
  • Suitable tents, caravans, campervans
  • Stop at Bridport on the way


  1. Mt William National Park Camping
  2. Petal Point Campground
  3. Musselroe Bay Camping
  4. Camping Bridport


We’ve intentionally left Bay of Fires out of this camping itinerary, as it is often very full. We prefer Policemans Point, as it is reasonably close by and whilst quite small compared to Bay of Fires, you generally have a better chance of finding a great campsite close to the beach or estuary near the Ansons Bay River. You will find a variety of campsites at the Policemans Point Campground set amongst the trees – there are excellent, fairly new toilets, but no other facilities. You must bring your own water and firewood, and remove all rubbish. The maximum stay is 4 weeks, and dogs are OK on leads and under control at Policeman’s Point, but not on the opposite side of the opening to the Bay, which is part of the Mt William National Park.

  • No cost
  • No powered sites
  • Great facilities
  • Close to beach, excellent freshwater fishing in the estuary or on the beach
  • Suitable tents, caravans, campervans
  • Basic facilities only


  1. Camping Bay of Fires
  2. St Helens Caravan Park
  3. Camping Deep Creek

Free 12 night camping itinerary Tasmania

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