Camping Tasmania Survival Guide
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Tasmania has very changeable weather conditions; even in summer. Depending upon your camping location always be prepared for different conditions from blistering sun to heavy rain, storms, ice, and snow. Dig a trench above your campsite if there is a forecast of rain to divert water away from your tent. Or better still, when setting up your tent site try to make sure you are not located in a spot where water could be directed towards your tent in the event of heavy rain. Never leave home without first checking your tent to make sure it is in full working condition. Ensure you have checked out your tent before departing for the holiday destination. Always check your tent for rips, tears, and other problems, and importantly don’t forget to pack enough pegs and ropes. If you plan on camping in remote areas of Tasmania, make sure someone knows where you are and when you expect to return. If your camping adventure includes a walk and it requires bushwalkers registration, make sure you register your details. When you return from camping, don’t pack tents or camping equipment away if they are wet. Mildew can attack your expensive gear and destroy it, so make sure you fully air it before storing it. When lighting a campfire ensure that there are no fire restrictions in the area you are camping in. You should also be well aware of the fire regulations, and if the area doesn’t permit open fires, don’t use open fires! Fill up your water bottle with hot water before bed and use it as a hot water bottle to keep you warm during the colder winter months when camping in Tasmania. Many of Tasmania’s great campsites are located close to water, either fresh or saltwater. Many waterways are great for watersports but always be very careful and if possible talk to a local to find the safest places to enjoy water activities. As many sites are close to water, make sure to pack a fishing rod but always check the local regulations for licences provisions and fishing seasons. Make a checklist before you leave to go camping in Tasmania don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere without the necessary equipment. Many of Tassie’s great camping spots are not located near towns meaning supplies will not always be easy to obtain. Be careful with carrying and storing gas canisters; keep them upright at all times and when camping outside in a well-ventilated area. Check for leakage by putting soap liquid on all connections, and be sure to turn it off when not in use. To avoid unwanted visits from Tasmania wildlife such as possums and Tasmanian Devils, keep food stored away and never leave scraps around your campsite. Also, keep matches in a waterproof container. Respect the local environment; leave no trace of your stay. We want you back in Tasmania, and we want all campers to be able to enjoy Tassie’s unique environment and natural attractions. If you are travelling with a dog, make sure they are allowed to stay at the campground you intend on using. Where dogs are allowed, make sure they do not cause a nuisance to fellow campers or allowed to roam free and chase Tasmanian wildlife. Where fires are permitted, only ever use established firepots or previously used campfires. Keep fires small. Only use sticks from the ground that can be broken by hand and never break limbs of trees for fires. Only ever observe Tasmania wildlife from a distance; never follow, scare or approach wildlife. Whether you are a newbie to camping or an experienced camper there are always a number of precautions you should take and preparations to be made before embarking on your camping trip to Tasmania. The handy hints for campers to the left will hopefully help you get the most out of your Tassie camping adventure. One key tip is to be respectful of fellow campers at campgrounds and campsites. There is an unwritten etiquette with camping that allows everyone to enjoy their holiday equally without interference from noisy or inconsiderate fellow campers.

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