Trousers Point Camping

Trousers Point Camping

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Trousers Point Camping

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Strzelecki National Park covers over 4000 hectares and is located in the southwest corner of Flinders Island; Flinders being the main island in the Furneaux Group which consists of a total of 54 islands in Bass Strait off the north-east coast of mainland Tasmania. The designated camping ground at Strzelecki National Park is located at the southern end of Trousers Point and offers basic visitor facilities including a dry composting toilet, rainwater tank, fireplace areas, picnic tables, open areas for tents, information board, and rubbish bins. There is signposted access to Trousers Point Road off the C806 road, which is located 10 kilometres south of Whitemark. Vehicles and bikes are available for hire on Flinders Island. To minimise environmental degradation visitors are instructed not to cut trees for firewood. By preference, fuel stoves should be carried and used. There is a sheltered, free barbeque at the picnic area at Trousers Point. Fotheringate Bay is a popular recreation area for locals; the facilities consist of a gravel road and car park and a short walking track leading to a smallish picnic area. On Flinders Island offers a range of commercial facilities including hotel accommodation, shopping, petrol, gas, a post office in Whitemark and Lady Barron as well as a shop at Killiecrankie. No camping charges, toilets Located opposite the beach. Freshwater, no dogs - gas or fuel stoves preferred. Firepot, ranger patrolled, and picnic table. The campground Trousers Point is the start of one of Tasmania's 60 Great Short Walks, Trousers Point bushwalk. See also: Camping Killiecrankie, Camping Yellow Beach, Camping North East River, Camping Lillies Beach, Camping Flinders Island.

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Campground Name
Trousers Point Strzelecki National Park Flinders Island
Camping Styles
Tent, Campervan, Motorhome, Camper Trailer, Roof Top Tent


Bushwalking, Fishing - Saltwater, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Boating, Birdwatching, Boat ramp


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Trousers Point Road, Loccota, Flinders Council, Tasmania, Australia
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