Best Time To Go Camping in Tasmania
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Tasmania is surrounded by water and is the southern most state of Australia. This combines to give Tasmania a weather system unique from the rest of Australia, with Tasmania experiencing four distinctive seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. It has a temperate maritime climate making Tasmania cooler than mainland Australia with a weather pattern in many ways similar to the United Kingdom. If you are considering camping in Tasmania in Winter, or in the cooler weeks of Autumn or Spring, we recommend the following: Choose a sleeping bags rated to suits the conditions. Whether you are going to be camping in average winter temperatures or in the mountains surrounded by snow, its a good idea to have one that can accommodate extra clothing. Use a tent that is suitable – this is vital for camping in Tasmania in cooler months. Choose one that is stronger and well constructed for these temperatures and conditions. The tent material, guy ropes, and poles must be extra strong and able to withstand extreme windy conditions; especially on Tassie’ wild west cost in campsites for example at Trial Harbour Camping, Macquarie Heads Camping or in fact, any site that is high in the mountains or exposed to Your clothing must be suited to the conditions, remembering that day time temperatures can change considerably to those at night. Depending on what conditions you are camping in, thermal clothing is an option in extreme conditions under your normal clothes. Waterproof boots, pants, and a waterproof jacket are always essential items to pack to keep warm and dry. Pack enough food and water with a few extras just in case, and a lighter or matches for the campfire. In many areas, especially during summer, open fires are strictly prohibited meaning you will need to carry a fuel stove.

Always be prepared when camping in Tasmania – irrespective of what time of the year it is. Weather conditions can change quickly. Geographically Tasmania also varies significantly from the rest of Australia. Tassie is a mountainous island with large areas of old-growth forests and volcanic lakes. Tasmania is a relatively small island measuring app. 350 kilometres in length, but has a variety of unusual terrain that are not common to the mainland. For example, you could be on Tasmania’s sunny East Coast one minute enjoying golden sun-drenched beaches, and within 1-2 hours drive be high in the mountains viewing spectacular old growth rainforests. There is a lot of debate over the best time to go camping in Tasmania. Some people argue that it is too cold to camp in Tasmania in Winter, but I disagree. It’s simply a matter of packing appropriately and for anyone who has camped in Tas in winter and woken to a fresh layer of snow on their tent and on the ground, they will tell you it is quite simply an amazing experience. Similarly, it can be very wet and wild in Tasmania in Winter meaning that some of the more exposed campsites will challenge your resolve and camping experience. My personal times to camp in Tasmania are late Summer through until the end of Autumn and from app. the middle of August through until late November. Camping in Tasmania is very popular with both locals and visitors alike. Try to avoid if possible – you will find popular sites such as Bay of Fires Camping and Camping Wineglass Bay very busy and crowded. However, if you visit during Autumn or late Spring and early Summer you will have a much more enjoyable and unique experience. Don’t be put off by camping in Tasmania during Winter – just be prepared for the conditions! But irrespective of when you go camping in Tasmania, take care preparing for your adventure and have a great time. Enjoy the uniqueness of being outdoors in the unique state of Tasmania, take plenty of photos as the scenery is always spectacular and very different from other parts of Australia. Click the following link for a comprehensive list of Caravans Parks Tasmania

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