Lake King William Campground Area fishing tasmania free

Lake King William is located to the west of Derwent Bridge and is a popular local trout fishing location. You access the Lake King William camping area off the A10 highway with two tracks leading to the campsites. One is 1.8 kilometres to the South of the Derwent Bridge Hotel and the other is 3.6kms. For the first camping location, the bush campsites are found 100 metres off the road. If you take the longer road (3.6 kilometres) the campsite is located a further 900 metres near the boat ramp. Again, these campsites are located in bush and you must be fully self sufficient to camp at Lake King William as there are no facilities. The more southern camping area at Lake King William is not really suited to larger caravans, campervans or motorhomes, as the track is quite narrow in parts. There are several good size camping spots, but remember vehicle access is limited making it difficult to turn if you have a larger vehicle. It is also the last inhabited location before Linda Valley in the West Coast Range; this section of the highway passes through the Wild Rivers National Park where you will find the Gordon River and Franklin River. In the past there were a couple of isolated houses along the Lyell Highway that have been removed. Today, Derwent Bridge features not only the bridge mentioned in its name but accommodation units, and also a roadside public house.

Camping Lake King WIlliam at the souterhn end near Butlers Gorge is reached along Butlers Gorge Rd, 15 km from its turn-off on the Lyell Hwy, app. 3 km south of Tarraleah. (The pics onthe this page are taken at the Butler's Gorge end of Lake King WIlliam). There are fireplaces but gas/fuel stoves are preferred. Trout fishing is seasonal and a licence is required to fish this lake.

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  •  FROM
  • NO
  • NO
  • maximum stay
  • 7 days
  • Powered sites
  • NO
  • NO
  • Contact No.
  • 1300 360 441
  • Fresh Water
  • YES - Limited
  • Dogs Allowed
  • YES
  • National Park
  • NO

Accessible from A10, Lyell Highway.

Lake King William is located close to Dewent Bridge, which is located on the Lyell Highway at the southern edge of the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park. It is just south of Lake St Clair and the Lake St Clair visitor centre; and it is north of Lake King William and the Butlers Gorge power station.

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