Maria Island Camping
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Maria Island Camping

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Maria Island Camping

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Maria Island is a popular National Park off the East Coast of Tasmania that has points of interest and features. It has a unique island ecology, geological history, historic buildings, ruins, magnificent coastal vistas, secluded sun-drenched beaches, rugged coastal cliffs, a range of bushwalks from easy to harder, longer walks, marine reserves, areas for fishing, abundant birdlife, and easily seen wildlife including wombats and Albino Wallabies. Bookings are essential when visiting Maria Island to stay in Penitentiary units. Penitentiary accommodation consists of nine 6 bunk bedrooms (max of 54 people). Each unit has vinyl-covered mattresses, picnic-style tables and chairs, and a wood heater A 10th room sleeps 6 and 8 in two separate areas and is charged as 2 separate rooms. Bring food, bedding, lighting, and cooking gear including a stove. Two free campsites are available at French’s Farm and Encampment Cove. Both are app. 3 - 4 hours walk from the ferry. There are fuel stoves only at French's Farm; non-treated rainwater is available from tanks. See also Maria Island Campground. Maria Island is accessible by ferry, boat, or light aircraft, and once on the island you will find yourself walking or bicycling in friendly natural surroundings. There are no cars, no electricity, no shops, and nothing to distract you from the natural beauty of the island. Maria Island is popular for wildlife spotting, birdwatching, boating, kayaking, snorkelling, diving, swimming, fishing, climbing, bushwalking, and photography. Darlington Campground - camping fees are $7 per adult or $13/couple per night plus $5 for each additional adult. Family camping is $16 per night for 2 adults & 3 children - Each additional child is $2.50 per night. No bookings are possible for the campsites. No campfires – communal campfire in BBQ shelter only. There is a ranger on site at Darlington Campground. See also: Frenchs Farm Campground: Encampment Cove Campground: Maria Island camping offers Toilet facilities, basic laundry/scullery room, hot showers ($1 coins required), and firewood is provided. Fireplaces are available in the camping area. There is a free gas barbecue in the shelter behind the dunes of Darlington Bay Beach. A Tasmanian National Parks Pass is required to camp on Maria Island. See also: Camping Mayfield Beach: Camping Friendly Beaches: Camping Lagoons Beach: Camping Lime Bay

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Maria Island
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Bushwalking, Fishing - Saltwater, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Boating, Birdwatching, Boat ramp


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Maria Island, Glamorgan-Spring Bay, Tasmania, Australia
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