Little Swanport Camping

Little Swanport Camping

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Little Swanport Camping

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The area at Little Swanport Conservation Area is only small, and is located at the northern end of the bridge that crosses the Little Swanport River, on the Tasman Highway North of Triabunna. Camping is not permitted at this site - it is a designated day use only area. Little Swanport is a small settlement, located north of the township of Orford. Orford is a small coastal town situated on the east coast of Tasmania, app. 75 kilometres north-east of Hobart. As at the 2006 census, Orford had a population of less than 600 permanent residents. Little Swanport is a tiny location on the shores of Great Oyster Bay, between Swansea and Triabunna on the East Coast of Tasmania. It takes its name from the Little Swanport River and sits beside the mouth of the river. See also: Camping Little Beach St Marys, Camping Dora Point, Camping St Helens Point, Camping Chain of Lagoons, Camping Humbug Point, Camping Swansea, Camping Moulting Bay.

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Little Swanport
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Tent, Campervan, Roof Top Tent


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Little Swanport, Glamorgan-Spring Bay, Tasmania, Australia
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