Lake Echo Camping
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Lake Echo Camping

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Lake Echo Camping

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Camping Lake Echo offers bush camping around the shores of the expansive Lake Echo, central highlands of Tasmania. Informal lakeshore camping is permitted at Lake Echo with many options to choose from and some requiring a 4WD for access. Bush camping Lake Echo, central highlands trout fishing camping Tasmania - very basic bush camping around the shores, no facilities, dogs OK. There are a number of different camping options, however, please note that generally the roads are very narrow, can be very rough and there are limited options to pull off if you encounter another vehicle. Following bad weather such as heavy snow or strong winds, it is important to note that the roads can be difficult to pass, given large amounts of mud and poor condition. You will need a fishing licence to fish for trout at Lake Echo. See also: Inland Fisheries Commission. To camp at lake Echo, a 4WD vehicle is strongly recommended. There are options to camp in tents, however, camping Lake Echo is better suited to the use of a camper trailer. Please also note it can be very windy in this part of Tasmania. There are a few camps on the southern bank with 4wd access from the main road going up from the dam wall. The vast majority of people who camp at Lake Echo are fishermen – this area is not recommended for people simply looking for a weekend camping adventure. Camping Fishing Tasmania - See also: Camping Lake King William, Camping Bronte Lagoon, Laughing Jack Lagoon Camping, Camping Butlers Gorge, Camping Tungatinah Power Station, Lake Binney Camping, Camping Dee Lagoon, Camping Lake Augusta, Woods Lake Camping, Camping Walls Of Jerusalem National Park, Camping Penstock Lagoon, Camping Lake Sorell, Camping Arthurs Lake Trout are typically in the range of .75 to 1.5 kg with some larger fish caught at different times of the year. Lake Echo is a consistent producer of quality trout. Rainbow trout, which are typically app. 10% of the catch. All angling methods are permitted with bait, fly and lure fishing all being equally popular.

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Campground Name
Lake Echo
Camping Styles
Camper Trailer, Roof Top Tent


Fishing - Trout, Kayaking, Boating


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Lake Echo, Dee, Central Highlands, Tasmania, Australia
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