Gowrie Park Camping
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Gowrie Park Camping

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Gowrie Park Camping

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This camping spot at Gowrie Park in Tasmania's North West at O'Neills Creek Picnic Reserve is located 14 kilometres south of the small township of Sheffield. It is accessed via the C136 and is signposted. You should carry your own fresh drinking water for this campsite and firewood during winter as it can get very cold. Please note there is a maximum stay of 2-consecutive days at the O'Neills Creek Reserve Camping area, Gowrie Park North West Coast Tasmania. This attractive forest reserve can accommodate vans on short-term stays of a maximum of 2 nights. It is the ideal overnight stop on your way to Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park and is situated close to the Mt Roland hiking trail. There is a nice 15 min nature walk you can take from the campsite to the start of the track. The Gowrie Park Wilderness Village has cabins and powered van sites for longer stays. The Gowrie Park campground is close to the Mt Roland hiking trail; here you will find a 15 min nature walk that will take you from the campground to the start of the track. See also Caravan Park Gowrie Park if you want cabin-based accommodation. The cost to camp at Gowrie Park is app. $5 per night per campsite, and you can stay a maximum of 4 days in any 2-month period. Nearby Lake Barrington is a lake in Tasmania, Australia built on the Forth River in 1969 to provide water for hydro-electric power generation. It is protected by the Tasmanian state government as a nature recreation area popular for watersports, camping, and fishing. See also: Camping Lake Barrington, Camping Lake King William, Camping Bronte Lagoon, Laughing Jack Lagoon Camping, Camping Bradys Lake, Camping Tungatinah Power Station, Lake Binney Camping, Camping Franklin River

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Campground Name
Gowrie Park O'Neills Creek
Camping Styles
Tent, Campervan, Motorhome, Caravan, Camper Trailer, Roof Top Tent


Bushwalking, Fishing - Trout, Mountain Biking, Food Nearby


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O'Neills Creek Camp Area, Claude Road, Gowrie Park, Kentish, Tasmania, Australia
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