7 Night East Coast Tasmania Camping Itinerary

Suggested Tasmania Camping Itinerary

Without question, the East Coast of Tasmania is the most popular place to camp and none more so during the warmer summer months over the Christmas New Year, school holidays, Australia Day long weekend, and Easter holiday periods. There are many icons to visit including the very popular Wineglass Bay in the Freycinet National Park. There are also numerous wineries, eateries, and other attractions to visit in this part of Tasmania. Please note we don’t recommend you follow the following itinerary over Christmas, as you are most likely going to be very disappointed – campsites on the East Coast of Tasmania fill up very early and for a long period over the Summer holidays. Please note this itinerary will have you on the move – it’s only recommended if you have minimal time and want to see a lot of Tassie! See also: 14 Night Tassie Camping Itinerary21 Night Tassie Camping Itinerary

  1. Night 1 – Mayfield Beach Campground (amazing location, free to camp & suitable for all forms of camping.
  2. Night 2 – Friendly Beaches Campground (another stunning location, National Parks & WIldlife Pass required. Suit all forms of camping – long beach walks and wildlife spotting are popular pastimes)
  3. Night 3 – River Rocks Campground – head closer to Coles Bay in the Freycinet National Park and make sure you walk to Wineglass Bay
  4. Night 4 – Shelly Beach Campsite Scamander – another spectacular location, minimal facilities but the views are spectacular. Popular for beach fishing
  5. Night 5 – Dora Point Campground – In the magnificent Bay of Fires region. Not the most popular site, but private and good facilities (toilets and showers)
  6. Night 6 – Policemans Point Campground Ansons Bay, Bay of Fires – a bit of effort to great there, but once again located spectacularly next to a beach and an inlet where fishing is popular
  7. Night 7 – Mt William National Park – another spectacular camping location on the far North West Coast of Tassie – Parks 7 Wildlife Pass required.

Mt William National Park: This spectacular National Park in Tasmania is located on Tassie’s far north-east corner with the park being significant for the conservation of Tasmania’s coastal heathlands and dry sclerophyll plants. The foliage in this park is stunning in spring and summer when the park’s open grasslands are alive with wildflowers in full bloom. The Xanthorrhoea plant, with its grass-like skirt and tall flower spike, is common throughout the park and highly distinctive.

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